Bendy and the Ink Machine: Downward Fall, also known as Downward Fall, was a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan-game developed by Zeronucks and use to be available on Game Jolt with the unknown release date (December 2017), but it was taken down by theMeatly Games several weeks later due to copyright issues (with same assets, over usage of textures taken from the official game while some are in original design, soundtracks, etc.) and violating the BATIM fanon policy. As a result, the game is eventually cancelled while the first part of the game is finished.

If the game were no longer cancelled, the game should use complete original textures, audio, and models along with a bigger team without getting taken down again by theMeatly Games.


"A Man and a defect, bloated Boris named Fetty live out the rest of their days in this workshop dripping with ink, rebelling against the Ink Demon, by drinking whiskey and vandalizing his domain with graffiti, all within the safety of blindfolding his cardboard cutouts, disrupting his view of the area."

"One of the men make a mistake and ends up revealing their location to Bendy, now with no other place to go, they must find a new area of safety."

"Or Escape the Demon's Grasp entirely, with the help of an Angel"